A few months back, the iPhone overtook the 5 megapixel Nokia N95 as the most popular cameraphone on Flickr.  Even though it looks like there was a slight hiccup since then, *gasp*, the iPhone appears to be widening the lead.  As Flickr (Yahoo!) is a fairly international company with an international userbase and iPhone’s global distribution is just starting to approach that of the Nokia N95, we expect that margin to widen, even with the iPhone’s relatively paltry 2 megapixel, flashless camera.  Also 3G helps with the uploading, right?

Perhaps that GPS camera tagging feature is also making a difference?  See full Flickr stats here.  Notice that Nokia as a brand still owns the cameraphone category, just no single device of theirs is competing with the iPhone.

Update: Mobile Fotos seems to be the winner in the mobile Flickr photo updater category…if you are into that sort of thing. digg_url = ‘http://9to5mac.com/flickr-iPhone’;

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