The WSJ has a quick interview with el Jobso about the Apps store.  From what we can gather (who does paid subscription anymore?!)  Jobs basicaly said:

  • The store is unlike anything in the history of software
  • Removing apps is a jugement call.  "I am rich" should never made it to the store (why did it?)
  • The Kill switch exists but they hope they never have to use it (Leave our NetShare alone!!)
  • App Store is selling at $1 million/day which means that apple is making about $9 million a month from the Apps store and developers are making about $21 million
  • 60 million apps, mostly free, were downloaded.  Facebook by itself did over a million.

According to Engadget, Jobs went on to say "The thing’s going to crest a half billion soon.  I’ve never seen anything like this in my career for software." He went on to say that phone differentiation is no longer about radios and antennas (or uh, battery life) but about software.

BTW, Bobblehead from Gizmodo

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