Mormons make Facebook bid?

There’s on-topic, off-topic and out of the blue, and the latter category today seems set to be filled by rumours The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – the Mormons, in other words, may  be making a play to purchase online social networking service, Facebook.

It’s no idle threat – the church reportedly has assets of $30 billion – and while the claims are based on ‘friend of a friend’ grade rumour…

Now – we can see the connection in a sense – one thing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has traditionally always been interested in is connections, in the genealogical sense, but we think they’d probably get a better deal (and a more grateful seller) if they made a play for the Friends Reunited website.

Anyway – the plot thickens – reports also claim the church has been making contact to say these rumours are unfounded… true or false, we thought you’d want to know about this one, while it blips in and out of the rumour mill.

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