Apple’s continued decision not to offer support for Flash within the iPhone may have some unintended consequences (other than the misleading ad slap the company received this week) – now Adobe will release beta software to make Photoshop Express work with a Windows Mobile phone.

Adobe plans the release of a beta of a Windows Mobile application (for Motorola Q9 Music and Q9 Global; Samsung’s Blackjack I and II; and several members of the Treo 700 series) which enables users to access its online service.

The application will work with the online Photoshop Express service, which is being rebranded, which will soon be made available with an advanced service package offering 20GB of storage for a $50 anual fee.

It’s a limited success: the Windows Mobile application won’t have the image-editing features you’d expect, but will let users organise and upload images to the service from their phone.

Hey – but iPhone owners aren’t left in the cold – we can use the Shozu app/service to move images to from an iPhone!

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