Stone Design has introduced Twittelator Pro, a more advanced version of its Twittelator application for the iPhone.


The advanced version offers a range of pro features, including support for multiple accounts, personalised themes, the capacity to add a map of your current location, image uploads, access to addresses, bookmarks, searches and more. 

Stone Design’s CEO and lead computer scientist Andrew Stone said, “As the good doctor said: ‘When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!’ We were overwelmed with the enthusiasm and positive response from mobile Twitter users with Twittelator 1.0, and decided to spend the time and energy to make a low-cost yet high-end professional twitter client”


The company was founded in 1984 by Andrew Stone and has shipped over 20 titles for Mac OS X and its parent operating system, NeXT. Stone Design’s $4.99 application is available now from the App Store.

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