UK mobile phone network, 3, has slammed Apple’s chosen iPhone carrier, O2, saying the latter’s 3G network "doesn’t do justice" to the iPhone.

Naturally there’s an element of sour grapes to these claims. Owned by Hutchison Telecom, 3 in the UK had complained that its efforts to carry the iPhone 3G on its network had been given short thrift by Apple management. In truth, the parent company has achieved iPhone 3G distribution deals in some territories, for example Macau.

Speaking at a company event, 3’s indirect sales director Bernie O’Beirne said: "‘The iPhone is not on the right network, a handset is only as good as its operator," saying Apple had picked the wrong partner. The company also issued a later statement in which it questioned O2’s tariffs and accused the latter carrier of having "the least developed 3G network," a report claims

3 aims to double the size of its UK business this year – though whether it can rely on Apple’s help in this, having slated the company’s exclusive UK iPhone carrier, is debatable.

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