Nokia will launch its very own iPhone-killer next week, a touchscreen device until now called the ‘Tube’.

The new handset will be introduced at a special event in London next week on October 2. 

Nokia will also launch its Comes With Music in the UK next week, along with another new Xpress handset, to be sold at Carphone Warehouse from October 17.

Speaking at an industry event this week, Nokia’s Comes With Music’s go-to-market head Tom Erskine promised an aggressive turf war with Apple for the consumer markets, "We’re going to put a very major marketing investment behind it indeed this Christmas," he said. "We’re going to bring some investment and focus. Nokia is a big and powerful company – music is right at the top of our agenda at the moment. We’ll be looking to make the market bigger in the next couple of years."


Nokia has made some major investment in the space, acquiring the rest of Symbian earlier this year and promising to license out its new touch-based OS.

A demo of what to expect from earlier this year.

Via: Distorted-Loop

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