Apple has filed a 23-page motion to dismiss upstart clone maker Psystar’s counterclaim against Cupertino rather than filing a response to that claim. 

The story starts way back when, when Psystar, a Miami-based company, started advertising its $400 OpenComputer this week. A PC that shipped with Mac OS X installed, and "violated Apple’s terms of use" for the OS.

Apple’s End User License Agreement clearly says its OS can only be used on Apple-branded hardware – and soon (in July) slammed an injunction against Psystar for breaking that admonition, accusing the firm of copyright and trademark infringement for pre-installing Leopard on systems,

Faced with that lawsuit, Psystar fought back with a legal claim which accused Apple of breaking anti-trust laws by determining that only Macs can run its OS.

Psystar even claimed Apple embedded code in the OS that, when it recognizes non-Apple hardware, sends the system into a kernel panic, in order to prevent operability on computers other than Macs,

Speaking to Information Week in August, a Psystar employee said, "What if Microsoft said you could only install Windows on Dell computers?" The rogue firm also accused Apple of charging an 80 per cent mark-up on hardware.

Via: World of Apple

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