If you fancy yourself a bit of a star-gazer you may want to take a look at all-new iPhone applicatoin, iAPODViewer, software which lets you explore NASA’s high quality library of images taken from space.

Developed by UK firm, sendmetospace, the application takes spectacular pictures from around the universe directly from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day website and allows them to be viewed on your iPhone, alongside an informed commentary from a professional astronomer.

Lead developer Michael Kaye said, “Although we know it will appeal to astronomy students and space enthusiasts, we also hope that the fact the application is on the iPhone will encourage a whole new generation of space enthusiasts, appealing to people to who want to look at interesting things on their phone while they’re on the move and who will be inspired by the amazing images that come from deep in space.”


Features include a keyword search of every Astronomy Picture of the Day ever published, the ability to save your favourite images, and – this is quite cool – a shuffle option, simply shake your iPhone or iPod touch and you’ll be presented with a random image. The software costs £1.19.

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