The connection between Ben Folds and Apple grows ever stronger, it seems, with the artist scheduled to perform live at the Apple retail store in Chicago this Friday.

According to Time Out Chicago in its article, "Ben Folds goes Genius Bar hopping", the artist will perform a free show at the North Michigan Ave Apple Store in Chicago (679 N. Michigan Ave.) at 3pm this Friday, October 10, just before his appearance at the Congress Theater in Chicago that night.

This news follows revelations earlier this week that Folds is working with iTunes to release an exclusive live album, releasing a single track taken from the gig the preceding night via iTunes every morning during his current tour, with the whole collection to also be made available as an album.

An even better tick to Apple’s moves in the creative industry. The recordings are made on a Mac, previewed on an iPod, Folds makes the original cover art using PhotoBooth application and sends the music to iTunes for sale the next day. 

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