Gizmodo takes us back to the past with its retrospective on the powerbook. 

Money quote:

Watching this ad for the very first PowerBooks, it’s funny to see Apple going hard after business users, the very same type mocked in today’s Apple ads by John Hodgman. Sales reports! How very unhip. Before the MacBook became the laptop of choice of coffeshop-located freelance graphic designers, Apple wanted its laptops to be the choice of the suit set.

The Powerbook was the cheapest of the three PowerBooks first introduced by Apple in 1991. Its price was $2,300, which is surprisingly close to how much MacBook Pros are today. Sure, the form factor has changed a lot, as has the hardware inside and the software loaded on it. But isn’t it comforting to think that, nearly 20 years later, you’re still gonna drop around $2,000 on a new Apple laptop? In an unstable time, it’s nice to see some things stay the same.

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