The last minute pricing claims seem to be heading towards an $899 entry level MacNetBook (double the price of a Dell dude).  It also echoes Piper Jaffray’s call a few weeks back.  We reported Best Buy tipsters earlier said prices would stay static while Inquisitr said they’d drop to $800.  Now BGR says:

One of our trusted Apple ninjas just let us know that he/she has found the following pricing in the Apple Store system. They “guarantee” the follow price-points:




And two at $2,499

We we told there may be more models (more expensive 17″ inch MacBook Pros) but that’s all that is in the system now. 

Finally, MacRumors found an anonymous blog post with the following….


They speculate that since it has a totally different sku, the $899 computer might be of the netbook variety. 

We’ll know for sure in 12 hours…

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