OLO makes iPhone netbook play

Well, here’s a thing – one day before Apple primes its spotlight on the laptop, upstart firm OLO has introduced its very own netbook concept that uses your iPhone as the CPU..

That’s right, this firm wants to build a netbook around your iPhone – you actually insert the iPhone into the notebook and use the iPhone’s touchscreen as a trackpad for the computer!!

There’s no shipping product, no spec sheet, no other information, and it is possible this gadget just lets you operate your iPhone in a normal way with the advantage of a keyboard and a bigger screen…

Still, in a sense this underlines what could be so phenomenally important about Apple’s glass trackpad, conceivably.

We don’t really think this product will see the light of day, BTW, but as an iPhone accessory to offer features described above Apple may let this product through…who knows.

(Unless they launch their own netbook tomorrow…)

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