AT&T released their quarterly numbers today.  Taken with yesterday’s iPhone numbers, we have a more complete view of the iPhone global sales outlook.

Of the 6.9 million 3G iPhones sold in the quarter, AT&T sold 2.4 million of them.  That means that 4.5 million iPhones were sold overseas, almost 2/3rds of the total 3G iPhone allotment.

 AT&T had 2.0 million new subscrbers in the quarter.  Of the 2.4 million iPhone’s sold, 40% were to new subscribers.  That mean .96 million iPhone 3G customers were new to AT&T.  So 1/2 of AT&T’s new subscribers were iPhone 3G customers.  Not a bad partnership to be in if you ask us.


Oh, and just to put the cherry on top: 50.5 percent growth in wireless data revenues from Internet access, messaging, e-mail and related services; total wireless revenues up 15.4 percent

We wonder what Verizon thinks about their decision to pass on the iPhone?

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