We were looking at Dell’s new $599 Macro Mini 12 Netbook with a 1.6Ghz processor and 1Gb of RAM running Vista(ouch)…thinking how much better that would be running MacOSX (or XP or Linux or Amiga or anything).  It is just basically the Air class parts in a much bigger, slower MacBook sized package.  Vista runs slow on computers twice as fast.  But that’s not the point.  It is $600 and it could run OSX.  Some people would be well served by this.

Just like the iPhone hacking put the iPhone in a lot more hands, hopefully some of this hackintosh stuff starts going more mainstream so that fewer people have to endure Vista.  Realistically, a lot of people just can’t afford a $1000 laptop.  If this demographic was better served by Apple, there’s be a whole lot more happy consumers.

Oh, BTW, with $25 Billion in the bank, Apple has enough cash on hand to buy Dell which is worth $22 billion today

So maybe Apple’s idea of making a high end only computer is slightly better than ol’ Dell’s.

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