AllthingsD (which means automatically blessed by Walt) does a review of the Blackberry Bold.  It pretty much meets expectations…for a Blackberry.  Big, beautiful screen, great physical keyboard, fast internet and email access and more bells and whistles all around.  But we can’t help but feel the dissapointment in the size and feel of the thing.

‘the Bold reminded me of my grandparents’ new Buick: handsomely polished and luxuriously comfortable, with plenty of extra bells and whistles. As much as I like the plush feel of this ride, it can feel as big as a boat when I need to park or navigate narrow city streets. Likewise, the Bold’s large size affords mobile extravagances like a keyboard I could use without looking down and a leatherette-covered back panel. But when tossed in a bag or even held in my hand, the BlackBerry Bold simply feels too heavy and too big.’

Sounds like somebody has been using an iPhone for too long and is having trouble with going to other devices wethinks.

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