This weekend, ARM announced that Ubuntu was going to be ported to the Cortex class processors.  Good news for Linux ARM fans but not that special since there have been videos of Ubuntu running on TI OMAP processors for awhile. 

This morning, ARM and Adobe jointly announced that full Flash 10 was ceritfied to run on ARM 11 Chips (like in the iPhone) at over 200Mhz including Windows Mobile devices.  We think someone is trying to tell Apple that Flash could be on the iPhone if they really wanted it there. 


Well that isn’t the only news coming out this week.  I had a chance to speak to Bob Morris at ARM who has much more exciting news for us later this week.  Until then, have a look at a 800MHz ARM Cortex going up against a 800MHz Intel Atom.  When you consider the power usage on ARM Cortex is an order of magnatude less than Intel, you might see where we are going…remember why Apple moved to Intel?

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