I don’t know what to say. I am livid. 

Not only has Apple charged me $100 to use my 30 inch screen with my Unibody MacBook, but the adapter is huge and takes a USB port for power.  Oh, and there was a one month wait for these parts initially.  Also, the way this technology works, I can’t use a regular DVI adapter on a 30 inch monitor.  If I try, I get the same resolution as on my MacBook’s built-in display, not normal 1920×1200 resolution that the normal DVI supports.  WTF.

OK, whatever.  I am over it.  It should come any day now right?  Wrong!  In a letter that could have been worded by the Grinch, Apple wrote to tell me and probably many others (below) that my Dual Link DVI Adapter wouldn’t be shipping until Dec 23.  That is over two months past when the MacBooks were shipped! Great news, we’ll all be on Christmas vacation by then. 

Unacceptable Apple.  UNACCEPTABLE!!!





Oh, and fanboys?  Light me up, I can’t wait…I have the alert on ready

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