Tomorrow is November 21st, and if the Greeks are to be believed, we will see iPhone Firmware 2.2 appear in iTunes within the next 30 hours. Some of the expected features include Google Street View, a horribly redesigned Safari menu bar, new languages, Japanese Emoji, Line-in audio, and best of all, direct downloading of podcasts to the phone. While the common gripes like Copy/Paste and MMS probably wont be addressed, these are definitely welcome additions, and if we see further bug fixes to go along with these new features, I’m sure a lot of people will be pleased. 

Apple released iTunes 8.0.2 today, and while it only addressed a few bugs, it’s very likely that it was released in order to support the forthcoming 2.2 iPhone update.

Tomorrow is the Greek Orthodox holiday of the presentation of the Virgin Mary into the temple. Let’s hope tomorrow also is the presentation of firmware 2.2 into our iPhones.

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