Look, we aren’t taking sides on this one.  If Apple releases a netbook, we’re all over it.  But, until then, running a purchased copy of OSX on one of these mini laptops is great fun and sport and seems pretty reasonable/legal.  At least as far as we can ascertain.

What we do know, however, is that releasing OSX Wifi drivers for your products isn’t illegal and, frankly it is mighty nice.  It also makes buying MSI hardware a good idea/advertising/PR for Hackintosh users which may or may not be a significant market.  Though, frankly, the $360 HP Mini 1000 kills the MSI Wind for Mac-like design coolness.   Perhaps, Psystar should take a clue on this one.

Will we see an ARM based Netbook/Tablet from Apple at Macworld so we can stop hacking?  Hope is in the air.

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