Shady but still interesting:  Our friend PL just sent us these picts:

What do you think? More below..



From (Google Translated – which doesn’t do much good)

See the iPhone at the top right of the lens of the right

?????????????? Is the top left of the picture there is a location Lenses
?????????????iPhone This is said to be forthcoming third-generation iPhone
??????????iPhone 3G… Positive with the camera phone video of the iPhone 3G …
??????????????8??3G???? It is said that this phone installed a new 8-hour battery for sustainable 3G video calls
15?20?????? 15-20 hours voice calls
450?????? 450 hours standby time

??????????iChat???????? Phone with a built-in system of the iChat video chat with friends
????????????? Positive video call camera lens 3,000,000
?????????????????? Behind the scenes is to start the five million pixels of the spectrum

??????? Get the news
?????????????????iPhone 3G? Would want to purchase Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, has just listed on the iPhone 3G
???????? Again, under which the hesitation

?????????3G??????… After all, no video camera in 3G phones is disabled …

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