OK, OK.. so we aren’t exactly telling you to go put a cheap SSD in your high end MacBook Air…but well, we are just leaving it out there.  Poorly-branded Low Cost PATA SSDs from RunCore are now shipping in the following varieties:

The unashamedly named 1.8-inch Low Cost Zif PATA SSDs can be sealed in a corrugated box and shipped off to your place of residence for $69.99, $119.99, $199.99 or $389.99 depending on size (16/32/64/128GB, respectively).

This "low cost" upgrade promises to boost computer performance vs. the traditional 1.8” HDD by more than 400% with read/write speeds up to 75/40MB/sec.


Yeah, the speeds are good-not-great and the quality takes second fiddle to cost.  But someone said something about there being a recession on and why not choose the place where you store your important data to cut costs?

via Engadget

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