Yes, this is an Apple Blog and of course we love to focus on Apple products but it never hurts to look around the technology landscape just a bit.  ASUS, the company that invented the Netbook category, this year may have invented the "Keybook" category.  They’ve stuffed a whole PC, including small touch screen monitor into a slightly oversized keyboard (Apple // be damned!).  Specs haven’t been given but surely it carries your garden variety Netbook 1.6ish GHz Atom processor and too little RAM and hard drive to run Vista.  If you look below you’ll see a lot of ports including HDMI for 1080P goodness.

Nice work ASUS, we like this concept even if it doesn’t find its way into our homes.   Oh, and then there is the Sony P.  It is so good to see that Apple has some competition in the innovation department.  From Giz:


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