Windows 7 on VMWare, first look

Since Windows 7 was released, the hype has been pretty good (compared to Vista what wouldn’t?).  Well, for those of you wondering if it works on VMWare on Mac, it does.  And pretty well (again vs. Vista).  More below…

Some notes: VMWare will want to do a Vista "automatic install"  Don’t do this.  You’ll need to do manual.  Also, VMWare tools install without issue. 

Total install time on base model 4GB RAM Unibody MacBook while running other programs : <30 minutes.

Won’t do an upgrade from XP or Vista without SP1

Idles at 15-30% of 1 CPU

It runs way faster than Vista – on the level of XP.  Seems to be, dare we say…snappier™

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