The Mac is almost 25 years old. This is really remarkable in today’s technology/branding landscape. This one product has held on for so long while so many others have come and gone. What will a Macintosh look like in another 25 years? If we look purely at specs and compare the original Mac 128K with today’s base model 24" inch iMac (we feel that the iMac line is closest to the original idea) we get a pretty crazy machine – below:


  1984 2009 2034
Screen 9 inch B&W 24 inch color 64 inch (3D?)
RAM 128K 2GB  32TB
Disk Storage 400K Floppy 250GB Hard Drive 64PB (SSD?)
Processor Speed 8MHz 2.4GHz 720GHz
Weight 16lbs 25 lbs 36 lbs
Networking Appletalk 230Kb/s Ethernet 1Gb 4Tb/s (Wireless?)
Power Consumption 60 W or 205.2 BTU 120 W 240 W

Of course a lot of this would never happen.   How do you see the Mac of 2034?

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