During the 3rd Quarter of Superbowl XVIII on this date in 1984, Apple released the famous ‘1984’ commercial,  It has pretty much taken the top spot in all of the "Best Ads Ever" contests and people have been talking about it forever.  It also introduced a pretty important product. 

USC Alum Marcus Allen also had a great game that day for the L.A. Raiders.  I don’t remember the Apple commercial (I was 10 and an Atari XE guy at the time), but I remember "that run"..

He heads left and is completely stopped. He spins around and heads back to the right. He swerves through a couple Redskins defenders, then hits a lane and he’s gone. What I remember most was the way he just seemed to glide to the end zone. He wasn’t running. He wasn’t straining. He just glided past the defenders. Effortlessly pulling away from everyone.


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