For those of you looking for turn by turn GPS on the iPhone, you are already late to  the party.  MacRumors discovered that XRoad Co.’s G-Map U.S. West and G-Map U.S. East (iTunes App Store Links) apps were released into the App Store back in October and January respectively.  Originally, they didn’t have turn by turn and were apparently not rated so well.  But a few updates later and you have some turn by turn action and some much happier customers

The application is almost a 1GB download so make sure you have a little bit of space left on your iPhone.  It also apparently "works" on the GPS-less iPod Touch.  Oh, a Europe version is on the way too. You can get the app from the following links for $19.99

G-Map U.S. West and G-Map U.S. East

More screenshots and video below:


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