Venture Beat is reporting on a cool new feature in iTunes called iTunes Pass.  It allows you to buy your favorite band’s stuff in big chunks.  The way you want it.  Their initial band is Depeche Mode (not a huge fan but know lots of people who are).  You buy a Depeche Mode iTunes Pass:

Unfortunately, right now if you want to try out iTunes Pass you have one option: Depeche Mode. The band’s newest album Sounds of the Universe is being offered as part of the first iTunes pass. For $18.99, you get access to the first single right now as well as another track that regular pre-orderers won’t get. And when the album comes out, you’ll obviously get that too.

We really think this is a great idea and a natural extension of the iTunes store model.  To see more, click the iTunes Pass (iTunes Link) for Depeche Mode.


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