Engadget is covering an issue that appears to be happening more and more frequently since we first heard about it a few months ago.  The hinge on the original MacBook Air seems to weaken with continued use and, for some, cracks and breaks.  Apple is telling most customers that fixing this problem will cost $800 (ouch) and it (surprise!) might be a better idea to buy a new one.  If you get the right customer satisfaction manager, you might be able to slip one by, but it appears to be Apple’s official policy to turn away customers and not acknowledge this as a known issue or flaw.

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For the record, the Rev 1 MacBook Air that has been floating around the 9to5Mac HQ doesn’t seem to have this issue, but the screen hinge has been getting a bit looser recently and now we are all paranoid as hell that the hinge is going to break.

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