Both Amazon ($387 for 1TB) and the Apple refurb store are selling Time Capsules at steep discounts this week.  Apple doesn’t usually discount its current products nearly as sharply as this.  So why is Apple chopping prices?  Is it the economy? 

We think they are going to see a bit of an upgrade this month.  Sure, the 1.5TB/750GB point makes sense, especially with drives at up to 2TB starting to hit store shelves.  But we’ve heard there might be some more to it than just that.  Our sources informed us a few months ago that Apple was experimenting with caching Apple software updates on the Time Machine devices.  That would not only save some bandwidth (your whole office/family would only need it to be downloaded once), it would also make the updating process much much quicker on each client machine because the download would be local.

Software Update caching has been available on Leopard and Tiger server for years but this kind of easy setup/low cost of entry would put the software update caching in many more hands.  There is nothing to indicate that current Time Capsules wouldn’t be able to add this type of functionality with a firmware update.


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