Interesting story here.  Cydia, the most popular Jailbroken App repository ( never really recovered from being late to the iPhone 2.0 ballgame), is planning on having a paid apps store.  Apple just recently filed a motion that said it thought jailbreaking was copyright infringement and a DMCA violation so obviously this isn’t something Apple would be too happy about.  Plus there is that 30% of app cuts and AT&T isnt going to be happy about me buying PDANet either.

Oh, and it isn’t just Cydia:

Another small company plans a store called Rock Your Phone for iPhone users who have not yet modified their devices to make it easier to download and buy unauthorized applications. A third start-up is building an online store that specializes in selling adult games for the iPhone.

It will be interesting to see how things play out.  A great deal of the appeal of Jailbroken apps is that they are mostly free.  On the flip side, would you pay for something that Apple could wipe out in the next firmware update?   


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