More Ballmer bashing ahead.  Sorry.

Look, we don’t run the biggest software company in the world and we (thankfully) don’t own any stock either but it is hard to ignore the bad headlines that Steve Ballmer keeps making.  Today’s?  Regarding the Zune:

“We’re going to keep going with Zune. It’s two things: Service and a device. The Zune service, that’s going to fan out its footprint. Hardware will continue to improve. “The question is whether even if we flog them heavily, is their profit upside. We’re going to keep going I won’t say full steam ahead, because that implies acceleration of investment, but we’re going to sustain our investment. We like it and the future may be the software/ecosystem on other devices."

Jeez..if you are one of the few people in the market for a Zune, you sure have to now give pause.  As Ballmer puts it, it isn’t "full steam ahead", which means it is essentially dead and they are hedging their bets on it as a software only model, probably for Windows Mobile or Sidekick.  Can you imagine someone at Apple saying something like that about, say, the Bluetooth headset?

Image via Gizmodo

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