Retrospect 8 is now shipping for Mac.  It has been forever and a day (5 years!) since version 6 first shipped.  Version 7 was PC only.  Since then, the product has been getting older, less reliable and, to many, unusable.  I did a roundup of backup solutions almost two years ago for the Macintosh platform.  Unfortunately, not much has changed since then.  Mac shops don’t have a great answer to their backup needs.

Today, I am using Time Machine for day to day backups which works acceptably for most things (I turn off everything but my Docs folder).  For cloning, I use Carbon Copy Cloner which was just updated recently to vers. 2.2 and works great. 

Overwhelmingly however, I am sending more and more data into the cloud with services like Mozy (Retrospect’s Parent company, EMC also owns Mozy – they’d be smart to offer a hybrid solution).  Carbonite’s recent loss of data makes this kind of scary, still.

I haven’t recommended Retrospect in over a year for small-medium businesses.  Hopefully version 8 will turn this around.

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