We’ve been using VUZE and its former brand Azureus since we first started Bittorrenting Linux ISOs and other totally legal stuff years ago.  While a bit bloated, VUZE/Azureus has always been the most feature-packed, cross platform Bittorrent client available.  When they changed their brand to VUZE, they added a HD video distribution network which had some good content, some not so good.  Now, in version 4.2, they’ve added client side video transcoding to all of your favorite devices. 

Along with iPods, iPhones and AppleTV’s, VUZE now supports Playstation and XBox MP4 formatted movies.

It is a relatively easy process to set up but slow to finish unless you have a some serious MP4 horsepower.  The good news is that the process is all automated so you won’t have to be there when your totally legal stuff is moved to AppleTV/iPod/iPhone compatible formats.

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