For those of us still on the Apple enterprise bandwagon (95% of you can disregard), Xserve refresh times are an important thing to gauge when making purchases.  You don’t want to be on the tail end of a cycle and end up with a product that has been refreshed before you’ve even had a chance to deploy.  If you are in that camp, do not buy an Xserve yet.  Apple is about to do an update the Xserve line to the Nahalem architecture.  It doesn’t appear that much else will change.

PCWorld caught the HK Apple Store prematurely readying the Store webpage for the Nahalem processor XServes.  Macrumors caught a screengrab before Apple took it down.  This means we are days away from a refresh.  Be patient!

Apple is most likely clearing out inventory of current XServes before releasing the new product.  As there are no big events scheduled in the next few weeks, this seems like it might be one of Apple’s silent updates.  Expect a press release with a quote from Phil Schiller and, unfortunately, not much else.



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