Engadget interviewed Peter E. Arnell about the new Peapod electric car in lower Manhattan yesterday.  While it is a nice sub-30 MPH concept at a kind of steep $12,000 price tag, what caught our attention was that the iPhone or iPod touch was the center of the car’s navigation, carbon footprint info and entertainment system (See 2:15 min in).  It wouldn’t really be a stretch to see other car manufacturers following suit here.  In fact, with the 1000 new APIs that include external device control as well as allowing external devices to control the iPhone/iPod, there have to be some exciting app development opportunities in the automotive area.  Developers?  Are you listening?


 Oh and a "disclaimer" here: I was the IT guy who replaced the IT guy who had bits of broken CD shot into his eyes by Arnell.  That was a fun few months :P

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