We knew something was fishy with that Elan lawsuit last week.  Why would a company that makes multi-touch trackpads for inexpensive Eee PCs make a big stink about Apple’s use of multi-touch.  And why now?  Apple laptops had multi-touch before any other manufacturer. 

Seemed like much to do about nothing. 

But turns out that Elan has some more tricks up its sleeve, including "eFinger" Multi-touch interface for (in this case) Google’s Android.  This isn’t a just a wild concept technology either, it looks ready for showtime.

The demo appears to be really smooth and very quick.  Notice how fast the keyboard keys are recognized.  iPhone users will no doubt be a little green on this one.  Remember though, this is a demo so the final product might not be quite as amazing with other operations running.

Also, remember that Google was "asked to stay away from Multi-touch" and complied?  Perhaps they just outsourced it.  That’s one of the advantages to having a more open operating system.

iPhone Mania via Engadget

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