ZuneHD Specs?

BGR is reporting some interesting ZuneHD specs, some of which look pretty solid.  Notably, it would be the first mainstream device with NVIDIA’s Tegra ARM chips that are supposed to blaze.  Also, a large, touch OLED screen would be a first in a mainstream electronics device as well.  We’ll have to wait until August to see if Apple will match these so far imaginary specs.

  •  ~3.6-inch OLED full toudchscreen [iPod=3.5 inch]
  • NVIDIA Tegra powered [Damn!]
  • 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB versions
  • HDMI Connection to stream straight to your TV
  • HD Radio
  • Web browser
  • Wi-Fi compatible, with wireless marketplace[O RLY?! is this thing going to run WINMOB?]
  • Released, early fall
  • International release of the Zune device itself
  • Home AV packs, Car packs, Charge packs

Also, wtf is HD radio?

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