Sick of the Verizon/iPhone news yet?  Here’s another tidbit:  SAI is reporting that a Verizon spokesperson gave them the "I know something I won’t tell, I won’t tell, I won’t tell":

A Verizon Wireless spokesman, reached for comment, did not deny that Verizon is in talks with Apple to sell the iPhone. "We’re always ready to talk with suppliers, but nothing to announce today," he said.

Wow, we love PR speak.  We’d also love a Verizon iPhone, if only to light a fire under AT&T’s backside.  More iPhone Verizon coverage.

Update:The WSJ reports:

President and Chief Operating Officer Denny Strigl took a slight shot at AT&T in addressing a USA Today report that Verizon and Apple Inc. (AAPL) were in talks to bring the iPhone to the carrier after AT&T’s exclusivity agreement ends in 2010. While he declined to comment on the iPhone, he said that Verizon Wireless isn’t dependent on one device, and that it already has a strong base of high-value customers.


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