iPhones not used for work?

The NYTimes’ Jenna Wortham is reporting that an as-yet unreleased Compete study proves that iPhone users don’t use their devices for work.  Well, that’s not what the study really says.  But the title of the story is an eye-grabbing: "Apple iPhone Owners Don’t Use It For Work"

This is based on the statistics:

"73 percent of iPhone owners used their mobile devices primarily for personal reasons, such as entertainment. By comparison, 59 percent of owners with other types of smartphones — from manufacturers like HTC, Research in Motion and Nokia — primarily used their devices for business and work-related needs."

Even if you use your iPhone as your sole work communications device, you probably also use it more for personal reasons.  It does have a video iPod built-in and access to thousands of games, camera and location-based utilities for personal use. For those 27% who use the iPhone primarily for work, you are missing out!

Do you use your car primarily for work?

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