Sure, it could be nothing, and probably is.  But what if all of these drastic changes we are seeing in Intel Atom-based Hackintoshes on 10.5.7 mean something about upcoming Apple hardware?  Some points to consider:

  • 10.5.1 – 10.5.6 there were little to no changes in Hackintoshes beyond what was stated in the update
  • 10.5.7 updates bricked many Hackintoshes (it even gave a lot of real Macs some issues)
  • For those able to update without issue, some MSI users are reporting that battey life has been improved drastically
  • If some new Mac kit is released next month at WWDC, it will likely be running 10.5.7.

Why would battery management improve so much on these MSI Netbooks on the 10.5.7 update?  Is there some Atom Mobo software optimizations?  Perhaps the hardware matches up with some Apple Stuff on the way?

Apple’s own Macs aren’t seeing similar battery benefits.

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