Apple appears to be ready to add videos and movies to the mobile iTunes store.  AllthingsD caught a quick peak of the service (since disabled).  Luckily an open Salon user got a few screengrabs of what’s to come (below).  While Movies would be kinda OK on an iPhone, they’d be very cool on a Mediapad/Tablet.

sshot of admovie 1 and 2 w nav bar

Will AT&T allow you to download episodes of Lost on your iPhone over 3G or will they take the same tac as Slingbox?

While the titles of soon to be available movies and TV shows were listed and directories broken down by genre are active…

 movies by genre

tv shows by genre

the wrestler loading

the links to the actual movies turned up a message of "The item you’ve requested is not available." YET!

the wrestler unavail 

Upon even closer examination, if we look at the time line of the pictures from this morning it appears the pages in question are under construction as we speak. Notice, the navigation bar at the top of the page at 12:28 PM ET.

tv 1 and 2 w nav bar 


This navigation bar wasn’t there at 10:55 AM ET and 12:07 PM ET. (The Apple guys are out in Cupertino, CA. No worries, they aren’t working through lunch.)

tv 1 and 2 no nav bar 

movie 1 and 2 no nav bar

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