iLounge is agreeing with an earlier report by French site MacBidouille, saying that the next generation iPod Nanos will have cameras built-in.  They’ve drawn a mockup which also includes a wider screen and smaller scroll wheel.  Notice the somewhat strange placement of the camera on the rear of the device, below. 

While the Nano-cams will certainly have a novelty appeal, we are most excited about the iPod Touch having a camera and the addition of interesting Internet/Apps capabilities that the iPhone currently enjoys.

iLounge also has information on the iPhone front.  They note that there will be three different iPhones based on the type of wireless provider.  These include a Chinese only edition, a 3.6Mb 3.5G version and a 7.2Mb 3.75G version for countries with advanced HSDPA bandwidth.  All regions should have 32GB/16GB options.

Perhaps AT&T can work on a special New York City version which gets 56K speed and hangs up after 30 seconds of talking.  Oh wait.  They already have one.

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