SiriusXM Radio comes to iPhone

Seeking Alpha is reporting that Sirius XM radio will now be coming to the iPhone…over IP.  While evidence is still a bit thin, they’ve noticed that Reach MD Medical Radio channel 160 has gone to the iTunes App Store and many more should follow.

Rather than create one Sirius app for the iPhone, each individual channel can create their own app for specific listening of iPhone/iPod touch owners.  This App-per-channel approach is somewhat like Scrollmotion’s app-per-book approach to books.  From Seeking Alpha:

An alert Satwaves reader has sent in this link which links to Apple’s iTunes store. The application is described as:

‘Reach MD Medical Radio delivers world class medical content directly from Reach MD, the leader in medical education and information for medical professionals. All of the programming is broadcast on their exclusive Sirius XM channel 160…”


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