Of all the price drops/feature updates announced at the WWDC keynote, the 13-inch laptop is seeing the biggest changes.  Many will say that this is the MacBook that should have been released last year. 

Complaints about lack of Firewire and screen issues have been addressed, along with other significant upgrades, listed below.  The result is quite a bargain for what is now, without a doubt, a Pro machine.

13-inch MacBook (Pro) comparison
Feature Old 13" MacBook Base Model New 13" MacBook Pro Base Model
Base Price $1299
(now $1079)

($1118.99 w/$50 rebate
$1154 no rebate)

Firewire? No Yes
Hard Drive (base/most) 160/320GB 160/500GB
SD Card Slot? No Yes
Battery 5 hours, removable 7 hours, built-in
Processor 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo
13 inch screen? lackluster "Best we’ve ever shipped in a laptop"
Built in backlight keyboard?  no  yes


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