"iPhone 3G S" is an uncharacteristically awkward name for an Apple product.  Do you pause between the G and the S?  How do you make it plural?  Is it iPhones 3G S iPhone 3Gs S or.. you get the picture.   In the logo, there is also the question of whether or not the "S" is capitalized (it is certainly smaller), or is it lower case like the iPod touch.

In today’s Apple press release, Apple switched up the language and is now calling the hit device the "iPhone 3GS".

While these types of small changes may seem trivial, companies with strong brands spend countless hours mulling over every minute detail of naming, fonts, sizes and such.  Switching the iPhone 3G S to iPhone 3GS is a big deal, perhaps one that Mr. Jobs, who made his first comments on the release in 6 months, spearheaded.


We’ll start using iPhone 3GS from now on unless something changes.


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