Today, Adobe is demonstrating a version of Flash running on the HTC Hero, the recently released Android device on Tmobile.  The demo seems to work fairly well which may be an important benchmark to Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch owners.

As far as capability to run Flash (as opposed to desire), it would appear that the iPhone 3GS has more than the necessary hardware to do so.  The HTC Hero uses an 528MHz ARM 11 based Qualcomm MSM7200A.  This is roughly the same level of processor as the 2nd generation iPod Touch.  As we know, the iPhone 3GS blows the iPod Touch out of the water in terms of performance.  The iPhone 3GS uses the latest ARM Cortex A8 Processor running at 600MHz with a PowerVR graphics core that is also superior to other chipsets.

At a shareholder meeting last year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that the iPhone doesn’t support Flash because it runs too slowly on the device to be useful.


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