Dock Expos

Snow Leopard Beta Testers were greeted with a surprise Friday night.  Instead of having to burn a dual layer DVD and install the newest Snow Leopard build manually, Apple delivered the newest release via a 700MB Software Update. 

We got to playing around with Dock Exposé and found it to be pretty much as advertised (below).

  • Activate Dock Exposé by clicking and holding on a running application’s Dock icon
  • Click any other running application to switch to that application’s Exposé.
  • Preview the window in Exposé by selecting it with the mouse or hitting spacebar.  There is a nice blow up transition between windows.
  • When you go into Exposé mode you can click on the different apps to see the windows of that app

Dock Exposé isn’t a going to change the world, but it is certainly a nice addition that can speed up worflows.

As for other stuff, Safari and other GUI elements feel … snappier™.

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