PSPhone rumors re-ignited

Reuters (via MacRumors) re-ignites the old PSPhone rumors today with a report that indeed Sony is looking into building an iPhone competitor.

Sony Corp is considering developing a cellphone-game gear hybrid in a bid to better compete with Apple Inc’s highly popular iPod and iPhone, the Nikkei business daily said on Saturday.  Sony plans to set up a project team as early as July to develop a new product that combines functions of its portable game player and Sony Ericsson’s mobile phones, the Nikkei said.

Sony has been rumored to be developing an iPhone competitor for years and frankly, if they don’t have something already in development, they’ve really really missed the boat. 

They already have Skype running on the PSP.  All they really need is a 3G radio built into the PSP and they are done.  Are they smart enough to know this?


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