Karaoke on the iPhone?

Stranger things have happened.  Have a gander at this somewhat hilarious patent illustration filed by Apple:

Abstract: Systems and methods for providing real-time feedback to karaoke users are provided. The systems and methods for providing users with real-time feedback while they are singing karaoke generally relate to receiving the user’s vocals, determining whether the user is singing on key/pitch and providing real-time feedback to the user while the karaoke song is being sung. The feedback will be positive feedback if user is on key/pitch and it will be negative feedback if user is off key/pitch. For example, the feedback signal if the user is singing too low can be an exaggerated low signal of the user’s own voice. This will encourage the user to sing at a higher pitch.

We actually really like this idea, even if it has little chance of making it to a final product.  It might be better on the AppleTV platform if Apple is still interested in that hobby.


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